Thursday 1 March 2018

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Creating a Simple Maven Project

Creating a Simple Maven Project

Creating the Maven Project in Eclipse

You will need to install the Eclipse IDE, Maven plugin found at the Eclipse Marketplace
Step 1. Create a New Maven Project
  1. Click 'File' -> 'New' -> 'Other' -> 'Maven Project' and then click 'Next'.

Step 2. Select project name and location.  
Use the default Workspace location or specify the location if necessary.

Step 3. Select an archetype
Select the maven-archetype-quickstart archetype from the list. It's a simple Maven web structure that will help get you started.

Step 4. Enter the Group id and Artifact Id
Enter the Group Id and Artifact Id and click 'Finish'

Step 5. Your New Maven Project
Below is what your sample structure looks like after you perform all the steps. This should help as a starting point.