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Quick list of Core Java topics for Selenium Webdriver

Hi everyone welcomes back to Selenium tutorial. In this post, we will mainly deal with what Java topics for Selenium we need to cover.

I frequently get this questions on my blog.
1- What concepts of java  I need to learn to use selenium webdriver?
2- What is the list of topics I have to cover to understand Selenium better?
3-  I know only core Java basic does Selenium requires advance Java too?
4- I am completely new to programming. Can I still learn Selenium?
The answer to all above questions is below list of Java topics for Selenium.
If you can cover topics then you can complete Selenium in very less time and with less effort.

Complete list of Java topics for Selenium

I would recommend below site for Java-related topics. This site has a lot of examples which covers almost everything in details.
Java tutorials for newcomer.
  1. OOPS Concept (You should know basic concept of Oops like Class , Object, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction)
  2. List of keywords, Interface in Java.
  3. Handle data types and usage of same.
  4. Control statements.
  5. Looping statements.
  6. String class, Wrapper classes, Array (2 D arrays)
  7. Exception handling.
  8. Collection framework (List, Set)
  9. File handling.
  10. Packages and Eclipse usages.
  11. Passing parameters to methods and returning the values.
Points to be considered before starting Selenium Webdriver.
  • Must complete list of Java topics for Selenium then only move to next step.
  • Do not jump to another level start with Basic of Selenium and once you are done then start with Advance Selenium.
  • It is not one day task you have to practice it regularly because practice makes perfect.
  • Do not stick to one application for practice. Take some dynamic applications as well Like FlipKart and Amazon etc.
Nowadays almost every company is moving towards Test Automation and Selenium is on top of the list.

That’s all I have for this post. See you in the next post.

Best of luck 🙂 Happy learning and Happy coding.

Quick list of Core Java topics for Selenium Webdriver